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Our Story

To help fix the climate, we are going to need solutions across every sector. We need new and novel technologies to decarbonise the hard to abate sectors but also technologies to help us scale proven decarbonisation solutions.

We have unique experience at the intersection of deep technology, energy, infrastructure & industry needed in climate tech.

We understand both investors and founders given experience in institutional, and wholesale fund management, founding a startup and angel investing.

Climate Tech Partners’ differentiated approach:

  • Corporate partnerships
  • Sectorial specialisation
  • Experienced team
  • Extensive due diligence
  • Expert networks
Climate Tech Partners

Ecosystem building

We believe that bringing together partners with complimentary skills is essential to support ecosystems and accelerate the development of new projects and their supply chains.

Climate Tech Partners brings together all these parties via our unique fund structure, corporate partners, circle network of experts, implementation specialists and non-investment corporate partners.

Our Team

Patrick Sieb

Patrick Sieb

Patrick has long been passionate about the intersection of technology and infrastructure. Investing and supporting climate tech companies brings together all aspects of his unique career; infrastructure and corporate advisor, founder, early stage investor and mentor.

Patrick was previously Co-head of Climate Tech at Investible, where he and Tom Kline structured and raised Investible Climate Tech fund focused on Seed stage startups across all climate sectors.

Patrick has been an active early-stage startup investor for the last 10 years, solely focused on Climate Tech since 2019 and building a portfolio of 10 investments in the space prior to joining Investible. He also co-founded an IoT startup 8 years ago, has been on numerous boards, is a mentor and a very active participant in the Climate Tech and early-stage communities. Patrick started his career in investment banking spanning 22 years, including 15 years at Macquarie Capital as an Executive Director operating across various sectors including transport, water, social infrastructure and technology as well as 5 years at Morgan Stanley in Transport. Patrick has a Bachelor in Aeronautical Engineering and an MBA.
Tom Kline

Tom Kline

Tom believes that investing in climate tech companies is not only the greatest investment opportunity of our generation but also essential to accelerate the decarbonisation transition and give us a chance at a habitable planet for future generations.

Tom was previously Co-head of Climate Tech at Investible, where he and Patrick structured and raised Investible Climate Tech fund focused on Seed stage startups across all climate sectors.

Prior to joining Investible, Tom established and led New Energy Solar, a renewable energy fund that built a portfolio of large-scale solar farms in Australia and the United States. In this role, Tom was responsible for investments and capital raising as well as building the team and operations firstly in Australia and then in New York.​

​His interest in Climate Tech started during his time as a member of the Power and Utilities investment banking team of UBS where he worked with Australia's largest energy generators and looked at emerging renewable technologies.

Our Sustainable Website

At Climate Tech Partners, we recognise we have a responsibility to protect the environment. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Wild Tree Digital to build a low-carbon site.

For each homepage view, our website uses 0.36g of carbon, compared to 0.8g of carbon for a standard website. That means for every 1000 views we’re saving the equivalent of keeping a light bulb on for 12 hours!

But that’s not all! Our website is also hosted on a server powered by renewable energy, further reducing our environmental impact.

If you would like to learn more about sustainable online practices and how we’re working towards a greener web, please visit

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