Unlocking Value for Startups, Corporates, Investors and the Climate

Climate Tech Partners bridges the gap between emerging technology companies and corporate climate ambitions.

Climate Tech Partners is a venture capital firm focused on accelerating decarbonisation by supporting globally scalable technology solutions across the following industries:

Energy &

Transport &

Industrials &

We work with corporate partners to bring expertise, support and capital which is key to accelerating new technology companies and decarbonisation.

For Corporate Partners

Climate Tech Partners brings you direct access to the best global innovative technologies that align with your corporate climate goals, from progressing on your decarbonisation goals to creating business opportunities. You can choose to invest through Climate Tech Partners or just actively engage with us to support startups without committing capital.

Who we partner with:

Corporations seeking to decarbonisation solutions and lead the transition.

What we offer:

Technology scouting, co-investment opportunities, trends and market insights, and decarbonisation project development collaboration opportunities.

For Startups

If you're a climate tech company looking to scale, we can help accelerate your growth and impact.
Startups we focus on:
Series A climate tech startups
Software, hardware and deep tech solutions are all essential for the decarbonisation of the global economy.
Seed Stage
We are primarily focused on Series A, but if you are a Seed stage company, we welcome the opportunity to get to know you.
What we offer:
Capital, access to corporate partners and strategic advice.

For Investors

Decarbonisation is driving the largest capital reallocation in history - over $100 trillion by 2050. Harness the potential of climate tech investments with Climate Tech Partners. Our team identifies and accelerates breakthrough technologies poised to deliver both impactful environmental benefits and attractive financial returns. Through our investment process and corporate partnerships we aim to de-risk climate investment

Our Mission

is to accelerate and scale innovative technologies that address climate change and enhance resilience.
Climate Tech Partners

Climate Tech News & Insights

Stay updated with the latest trends, analysis, and thought leadership from Climate Tech Partners.
Climate Tech Partners

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Climate Tech Partners

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Exploring hardware and software technology that can unlock existing grid capacity and accelerate the deployment of new transmission lines essential for the energy transition.

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